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wlroots 0.10.0

Drew DeVault (1):
      Drop RDP backend

Jan Staněk (1):
      Honor the `examples` meson setting

Jason (1):
      Allow WLR_RDP_PORT to be any valid TCP/UDP port number

Scott Anderson (1):
      Bump meson version to 0.51.2

Simon Ser (9):
      backend/wayland: listen to wl_buffer.release events
      backend/wayland: handle display errors more gracefully
      render/egl: remove SURFACELESS_MESA special case
      render/gles2: unbind textures after use
      docs: remove rootston-specific env vars
      docs: establish one section per backend
      docs: document XDG_SESSION_ID
      backend/drm: prevent outputs from being destroyed on commit
      keyboard-group: two NULL keymaps are equal

xdavidwu (1):
      text-input: fix missing destroy signal init