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backend: fix build against upcoming `gcc-14` (`-Werror=calloc-transposed-args`)

Sergei Trofimovich requested to merge trofi/wlroots:gcc-14-fix-calloc into master

gcc-14 added a new -Wcalloc-transposed-args warning recently. It detected minor infelicity in calloc() API usage in wlroots:

../backend/libinput/tablet_pad.c: In function 'add_pad_group_from_libinput':
../backend/libinput/tablet_pad.c:36:38: error: 'calloc' sizes specified with 'sizeof' in the earlier argument and not in the later argument [-Werror=calloc-transposed-args]
   36 |         group->rings = calloc(sizeof(unsigned int), group->ring_count);
      |                                      ^~~~~~~~
../backend/libinput/tablet_pad.c:36:38: note: earlier argument should specify number of elements, later size of each element

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