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......@@ -113,6 +113,13 @@ process is:
4. **Merge** the merge request when all reviewers approve.
5. **File** follow-up tickets if appropriate.
## Code of Conduct
Note that as a project hosted on, wlroots follows its
[Code of Conduct], based on the Contributor Covenant. Please conduct yourself
in a respectful and civilized manner when communicating with community members
on IRC and bug tracker.
## Style Reference
wlroots is written in C with a style similar to the [kernel style], but with a
......@@ -397,5 +404,6 @@ static void subsurface_handle_surface_destroy(struct wl_listener *listener,
[linear, "recipe" style]:
[reference issues]:
[Code of Conduct]:
[How to Write a Git Commit Message]:
[kernel style]:
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