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    • Andrew Wedgbury's avatar
      Make sure config.h is included before any system headers · 9cd661e7
      Andrew Wedgbury authored
      There was an issue recently in screen-share.c where config.h was not
      being included, resulting in the wrong definition for off_t being used on
      32 bit systems. I checked and I don't think this problem is happening
      elsewhere, but to help avoid this sort of problem in the future, I went
      through and made sure that config.h is included first whenever system
      headers are included.
      The config.h header should be included before any system headers, failing
      to do this can result in the wrong type sizes being defined on certain
      systems, e.g. off_t from sys/types.h
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrew Wedgbury <andrew.wedgbury@realvnc.com>
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    • Sam Spilsbury's avatar
      Added tests for the vertex clipping code. · b42fb525
      Sam Spilsbury authored
      This tests (via the table-driven testing method) that the correct
      number of vertices and also the correct vertices themselves
      are generated for an clip box and polygon of up to eight vertices.
      Also add a libshared-test.la so that we don't have to build weston-test-runner
      all the time