Commit a89266f4 authored by Jonas Ådahl's avatar Jonas Ådahl Committed by Pekka Paalanen

protocol/ Bump wayland-protocol requirement to 1.18

Signed-off-by: Jonas Ådahl's avatarJonas Ådahl <>
parent da2e574c
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dep_scanner = dependency('wayland-scanner', native: true)
prog_scanner = find_program(dep_scanner.get_pkgconfig_variable('wayland_scanner'))
# XXX: For minor version 2 of zwp_linux_explicit_synchronization_v1, we
# actually need a development version after 1.17, but there is no way to
# express such a requirement at the moment.
dep_wp = dependency('wayland-protocols', version: '>= 1.17')
dep_wp = dependency('wayland-protocols', version: '>= 1.18')
dir_wp_base = dep_wp.get_pkgconfig_variable('pkgdatadir')
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