Commit 06aeb0ea authored by Scott Anderson's avatar Scott Anderson Committed by Ankit Nautiyal

protocol: Add content-protection protocol

This protocol allows a client to ask the compositor to only allow it to
be displayed on a "secure" output. This initial version of the protocol
supports HDCP.

This is loosely based on the chromium secure-output protocol [1].

This protocol is mostly useful for closed system, where the client can
trust the compositor, such as set-top boxes. This is not a way to
implement any kind of Digital Rights Management on desktops. The
compositor would be free to lie to the client, anyway.
Signed-off-by: Scott Anderson's avatarScott Anderson <>
Signed-off-by: Ankit Nautiyal's avatarAnkit Nautiyal <>

parent 6ef2d45a
......@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ generated_protocols = [
[ 'weston-debug', 'internal' ],
[ 'weston-desktop-shell', 'internal' ],
[ 'weston-screenshooter', 'internal' ],
[ 'weston-content-protection', 'internal' ],
[ 'weston-test', 'internal' ],
[ 'weston-touch-calibration', 'internal' ],
[ 'xdg-output', 'v1' ],
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