Commit dbfd248d authored by Derek Foreman's avatar Derek Foreman

libweston: Allow compositor-wayland to use wl_surface_damage_buffer

wl_surface_damage_buffer landed ages ago, but in order for GL to
use it the client must bind a wl_compositor version >= 4 (the
version where damage_buffer was introduced).

This patch updates the bind version and allows
eglSwapBuffersWithDamage to actually use the provided damage
rectangles instead of performing full surface damage.
Reviewed-by: Daniel Stone's avatarDaniel Stone <>
parent 6156d675
......@@ -2319,7 +2319,8 @@ registry_handle_global(void *data, struct wl_registry *registry, uint32_t name,
if (strcmp(interface, "wl_compositor") == 0) {
b->parent.compositor =
wl_registry_bind(registry, name,
&wl_compositor_interface, 1);
MIN(version, 4));
} else if (strcmp(interface, "zxdg_shell_v6") == 0) {
b->parent.xdg_shell =
wl_registry_bind(registry, name,
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