Commit d6d3b377 authored by Kristian Høgsberg's avatar Kristian Høgsberg
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keyboard: Make debug output less verbose

The keyboard is too chatty, make it use a dbg() function for logging
which defaults to disabled.

Also drop a noisy fprintf() in input_panel_configure().
parent 700d6ad0
......@@ -261,6 +261,19 @@ struct keyboard {
enum keyboard_state state;
static void __attribute__ ((format (printf, 1, 2)))
dbg(const char *fmt, ...)
#ifdef DEBUG
int l;
va_list argp;
va_start(argp, fmt);
l = vfprintf(stderr, fmt, argp);
static const char *
label_from_key(struct keyboard *keyboard,
const struct key *key)
......@@ -463,14 +476,14 @@ delete_before_cursor(struct virtual_keyboard *keyboard)
const char *start, *end;
if (!keyboard->surrounding_text) {
fprintf(stderr, "delete_before_cursor: No surrounding text available\n");
dbg("delete_before_cursor: No surrounding text available\n");
start = prev_utf8_char(keyboard->surrounding_text,
keyboard->surrounding_text + keyboard->surrounding_cursor);
if (!start) {
fprintf(stderr, "delete_before_cursor: No previous character to delete\n");
dbg("delete_before_cursor: No previous character to delete\n");
......@@ -715,7 +728,7 @@ handle_reset(void *data,
struct virtual_keyboard *keyboard = data;
fprintf(stderr, "Reset pre-edit buffer\n");
dbg("Reset pre-edit buffer\n");
if (strlen(keyboard->preedit_string)) {
......@@ -762,7 +775,7 @@ handle_commit_state(void *data,
layout = get_current_layout(keyboard);
if (keyboard->surrounding_text)
fprintf(stderr, "Surrounding text updated: %s\n", keyboard->surrounding_text);
dbg("Surrounding text updated: %s\n", keyboard->surrounding_text);
layout->columns * key_width,
......@@ -121,8 +121,6 @@ input_panel_configure(struct weston_surface *surface, int32_t sx, int32_t sy)
if (surface->width == 0)
fprintf(stderr, "%s panel: %d, output: %p\n", __FUNCTION__, ip_surface->panel, ip_surface->output);
if (ip_surface->panel) {
x = get_default_view(shell->text_input.surface)->geometry.x + shell->text_input.cursor_rectangle.x2;
y = get_default_view(shell->text_input.surface)->geometry.y + shell->text_input.cursor_rectangle.y2;
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