Verified Commit ba8a0d04 authored by Philipp Kerling's avatar Philipp Kerling Committed by Quentin Glidic

desktop-shell: Track focused shell surface by main surface

The focused surface is used for determining whether shell surfaces
are activated. They should also be considered activated when a
subsurface has focus. Inserting a call to
weston_surface_get_main_surface fixes this.

seat->focused_surface is only used for shell_surface keyboard focus
Signed-off-by: default avatarPhilipp Kerling <>
Reviewed-by: Quentin Glidic's avatarQuentin Glidic <>
parent 4c4b9cfb
......@@ -1852,7 +1852,7 @@ handle_keyboard_focus(struct wl_listener *listener, void *data)
seat->focused_surface = keyboard->focus;
seat->focused_surface = weston_surface_get_main_surface(keyboard->focus);
if (seat->focused_surface) {
struct shell_surface *shsurf = get_shell_surface(seat->focused_surface);
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