Verified Commit b4c08863 authored by Sergi Granell's avatar Sergi Granell Committed by Quentin Glidic

Fix uninitialized msec_to_next in output_repaint_timer_arm

Signed-off-by: Sergi Granell's avatarSergi Granell <>
Reviewed-by: Quentin Glidic's avatarQuentin Glidic <>
parent 65e57c93
......@@ -2388,7 +2388,7 @@ output_repaint_timer_arm(struct weston_compositor *compositor)
struct weston_output *output;
bool any_should_repaint = false;
struct timespec now;
int64_t msec_to_next;
int64_t msec_to_next = INT64_MAX;
weston_compositor_read_presentation_clock(compositor, &now);
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