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README: Document versioning scheme, forward compatibility

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Versioning scheme
In order to provide consistent, easy to use versioning, libweston
follows the rules in the Apache Portable Runtime Project
The document provides the full details, with the gist summed below:
- Major - backward incompatible changes.
- Minor - new backward compatible features.
- Patch - internal (implementation specific) fixes.
Forward compatibility
Inspired by ATK, Qt and KDE programs/libraries, libjpeg-turbo, GDK,
NetworkManager, js17, lz4 and many others, libweston uses a macro to restrict
the API visible to the developer - REQUIRE_LIBWESTON_API_VERSION.
Note that different projects focus on different aspects - upper and/or lower
version check, default to visible/hidden old/new symbols and so on.
libweston aims to guard all newly introduced API, in order to prevent subtle
breaks that a simple recompile (against a newer version) might cause.
The macro is of the format 0x$MAJOR$MINOR and does not include PATCH version.
As mentioned in the Versioning scheme section, the latter does not reflect any
user visible API changes, thus should be not considered part of the API version.
All new symbols should be guarded by the macro like the example given below:
In order to use the said symbol, the one will have a similar code in their
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBWAYLAND, [libwayland-1 >= 1.1])
If the user is _not_ interested in forward compatibility, they can use 0xffff
or similar high value. Yet doing so is not recommended.
Libweston design goals
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