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README: Meson for build

Explain how to use with Meson, as autotools is going away.

The instructions have been copied from

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......@@ -39,11 +39,38 @@ to make code or non-technical contributions to Weston.
Building Weston
Weston is built using autotools, with `` and `make`. It often depends
Weston is built using [Meson]( Weston often depends
on the current release versions of
[Wayland]( and
If necessary, the latest Meson can be installed as a user with:
$ pip3 install --user meson
Weston's Meson build does not do autodetection and it defaults to all
features enabled, which means you likely hit missing dependencies on the first
try. If a dependency is avoidable through a build option, the error message
should tell you what option can be used to avoid it. You may need to disable
several features if you want to avoid certain dependencies.
$ git clone
$ cd weston
$ meson build/ --prefix=...
$ ninja -C build/ install
$ cd ..
The `meson` command populates the build directory. This step can
fail due to missing dependencies. Any build options you want can be added on
that line, e.g. `meson build/ --prefix=... -Dsimple-dmabuf-drm=intel`.
All the build options can be found in the file
Once the build directory has been successfully populated, you can inspect the
configuration with `meson configure build/`. If you need to change an
option, you can do e.g.
`meson configure build/ -Dsimple-dmabuf-drm=intel`.
Every push to the Weston master repository and its forks is built using GitLab
CI. [Reading the configuration](.gitlab-ci.yml) may provide a useful example of
how to build and install Weston.
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