Delete a few duplicate TODO items

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Core wayland protocol
- implement glyph cache and dnd
- glyph cache
- dnd, figure out large object transfer: through wayland protocol or
pass an fd through the compositor to the other client and let them
......@@ -29,14 +29,6 @@ Core wayland protocol
switching away from. for minimized windows that we don't want live
thumb nails for. etc.
- Move/resize protocols? In the style of the dnd protocol, if a
surface has grabbed an input, it can request a resize (top/bottom |
left/right) or a move. Goes on for duration of grab or until
surface cancels. Surface gets resize(w,h) during resize events and
must reallocate buffer and redraw.
- Initial surface placement issue.
- Consolidate drm buffer upload with a create_buffer request, returns
buffer object we can use in surface.attach, cache.upload and
input.attach? Will increase object id usage significantly, each
......@@ -95,6 +87,8 @@ Core wayland protocol
- multi touch?
- synaptics, 3-button emulation, scim
- sparse/gcc plugin based idl compiler
- crack?
......@@ -131,12 +125,6 @@ Core wayland protocol
- multi gpu, needs queue and seqno to wait on in requests
- synaptics, 3-button emulation, scim
- what to do when protocol out buffer fills up? Just block on write
would work I guess. Clients are supposed to throttle using the
bread crumb events, so we shouldn't get into this situation.
Clients and ports
- port gtk+
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