Commit 7cbaa871 authored by Pekka Paalanen's avatar Pekka Paalanen

client: remove definition of wl_global

Nothing on the client side uses it since
9fe75537 which was just before the 0.99
Signed-off-by: Pekka Paalanen's avatarPekka Paalanen <>
Reviewed-By: Ongy's avatarMarkus Ongyerth <>
parent a9ff9cc7
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......@@ -71,13 +71,6 @@ struct wl_proxy {
uint32_t version;
struct wl_global {
uint32_t id;
char *interface;
uint32_t version;
struct wl_list link;
struct wl_event_queue {
struct wl_list event_list;
struct wl_display *display;
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