Commit 446047ed authored by Pekka Paalanen's avatar Pekka Paalanen

tests: add request_bogus_size

This attempts to reproduce the error conditions from
#52 and make it crash.
While the crash was repeatable in my tests, it depends on garbage on stack
leading to access of invalid memory, which is not guaranteed.

This is a FAIL_TEST, so that the following fix commit can be verified.
Signed-off-by: Pekka Paalanen's avatarPekka Paalanen <>
Reviewed-by: Simon Ser's avatarSimon Ser <>
parent 808bca89
......@@ -752,3 +752,90 @@ TEST(closure_leaks_after_error)
/** Raw read from socket expecting wl_display.error
* \param sockfd The socket to read from.
* \param expected_error The expected wl_display error code.
* Reads the socket and manually parses one message, expecting it to be a
* wl_display.error with the wl_display as the originating object.
* Asserts that the received error code is expected_error.
static void
expect_error_recv(int sockfd, uint32_t expected_error)
uint32_t buf[1024];
ssize_t slen;
uint32_t opcode;
int str_len;
slen = recv(sockfd, buf, sizeof buf, 0);
assert(slen >= 2 * (ssize_t)sizeof (uint32_t));
opcode = buf[1] & 0xffff;
fprintf(stderr, "Received %zd bytes, object %u, opcode %u\n",
slen, buf[0], opcode);
/* check error event */
assert(buf[0] == 1);
assert(opcode == WL_DISPLAY_ERROR);
str_len = buf[4];
assert(str_len > 0);
assert(str_len <= slen - 5 * (ssize_t)sizeof (uint32_t));
fprintf(stderr, "Error event on object %u, code %u, message \"%*s\"\n",
buf[2], buf[3], str_len, (const char *)&buf[5]);
assert(buf[3] == expected_error);
/* A test for
* trying to provoke a read from uninitialized memory in
* wl_connection_demarshal() for sender_id and opcode.
* This test might not fail as is even with #52 unfixed, since there is no way
* to detect what happens and the crash with zero size depends on stack content.
* However, running under Valgrind would point out invalid reads and use of
* uninitialized values.
struct wl_display *display;
struct wl_client *client;
int s[2];
uint32_t msg[3];
int bogus_size;
* The manufactured message has real size 12. Test all bogus sizes
* smaller than that, and zero as the last one since wl_closure_init
* handles zero specially and having garbage in the stack makes it more
* likely to crash in wl_connection_demarshal.
for (bogus_size = 11; bogus_size >= 0; bogus_size--) {
fprintf(stderr, "* bogus size %d\n", bogus_size);
assert(socketpair(AF_UNIX, SOCK_STREAM | SOCK_CLOEXEC, 0, s) == 0);
display = wl_display_create();
client = wl_client_create(display, s[0]);
/* manufacture a request that lies about its size */
msg[0] = 1; /* sender id: wl_display */
msg[1] = (bogus_size << 16) | WL_DISPLAY_SYNC; /* size and opcode */
msg[2] = 2; /* sync argument: new_id for wl_callback */
assert(send(s[1], msg, sizeof msg, 0) == sizeof msg);
wl_event_loop_dispatch(wl_display_get_event_loop(display), 0);
expect_error_recv(s[1], WL_DISPLAY_ERROR_INVALID_METHOD);
/* Do not wl_client_destroy, the error already caused it. */
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