Commit f5986918 authored by Andy Nichols's avatar Andy Nichols Committed by Kristian Høgsberg
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Removed superfluous call to wl_copy_connection

The only purpose those code seems to serve is to introduce a buffer
overflow when events contain more than 128 bytes of data.
parent 187eace6
......@@ -453,12 +453,10 @@ static void
handle_event(struct wl_display *display,
uint32_t id, uint32_t opcode, uint32_t size)
uint32_t p[32];
struct wl_proxy *proxy;
struct wl_closure *closure;
const struct wl_message *message;
wl_connection_copy(display->connection, p, size);
proxy = wl_map_lookup(&display->objects, id);
if (proxy == WL_ZOMBIE_OBJECT) {
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