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Contributing: explain Patchwork

Add general guidelines for using Patchwork, as we heavily rely on it


- mention also Xwayland and libinput patch management
- reword "if not found in Patchwork"
- reword "Not applicable"
- mention pwclient

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See [2] for a recommend reading on writing commit messages.
== Tracking patches and following up ==
Patchwork is used for tracking patches to Wayland and Weston:
Xwayland patches are tracked with the Xorg project, not here.
Libinput patches, even though they use the same mailing list as Wayland, are
not tracked in the Wayland Patchwork.
The following applies only to Wayland and Weston.
If a patch is not found in Patchwork, there is a high possibility for it to be
forgotten. Patches attached to bug reports or not arriving to the mailing list
because of e.g. subscription issues will not be in Patchwork because Patchwork
only collects patches sent to the list.
When you send a revised version of a patch, it would be very nice to mark your
old patch as superseded (or rejected, if that is applicable). You can change
the status of your own patches by registering to Patchwork - ownership is
identified by email address you use to register. Updating your patch status
appropriately will help maintainer work.
The following patch states are found in Patchwork:
Patches under discussion or not yet processed.
Under review
Mostly unused state.
The patch is merged in the master branch upstream, as is or slightly
The idea or approach is rejected and cannot be fixed by revising
the patch.
Request for comments, not meant to be merged as is.
Not applicable
The email was not actually a patch, or the patch is not for Wayland or
Weston. Libinput patches are usually automatically ignored by Wayland
Patchwork, but if they get through, they will be marked as Not
Changes requested
Reviewers determined that changes to the patch are needed. The
submitter is expected to send a revised version. (You should
not wait for your patch to be set to this state before revising,
Awaiting upstream
Mostly unused as the patch is waiting for upstream actions but
is not shown in the default list, which means it is easy to
A revised version of the patch has been submitted.
Used mostly during freeze periods before releases, to temporarily
hide patches that cannot be merged during a freeze.
Note, that in the default listing, only patches in New or Under review are
There is also a command line interface to Patchwork called 'pwclient', see
for links where to get it and the sample .pwclientrc for Wayland/Weston.
== Coding style ==
You should follow the style of the file you're editing. In general, we
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