Commit c81cbae3 authored by Emmanuel Gil Peyrot's avatar Emmanuel Gil Peyrot Committed by Daniel Stone
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cursor: Properly document wl_cursor_image and wl_cursor

Signed-off-by: default avatarEmmanuel Gil Peyrot <>
parent 95a32726
......@@ -36,17 +36,36 @@ struct wl_cursor_theme;
struct wl_buffer;
struct wl_shm;
/** A still image part of a cursor
* Use `wl_cursor_image_get_buffer()` to get the corresponding `struct
* wl_buffer` to attach to your `struct wl_surface`. */
struct wl_cursor_image {
uint32_t width; /* actual width */
uint32_t height; /* actual height */
uint32_t hotspot_x; /* hot spot x (must be inside image) */
uint32_t hotspot_y; /* hot spot y (must be inside image) */
uint32_t delay; /* animation delay to next frame (ms) */
/** Actual width */
uint32_t width;
/** Actual height */
uint32_t height;
/** Hot spot x (must be inside image) */
uint32_t hotspot_x;
/** Hot spot y (must be inside image) */
uint32_t hotspot_y;
/** Animation delay to next frame (ms) */
uint32_t delay;
/** A cursor, as returned by `wl_cursor_theme_get_cursor()` */
struct wl_cursor {
/** How many images there are in this cursor’s animation */
unsigned int image_count;
/** The array of still images composing this animation */
struct wl_cursor_image **images;
/** The name of this cursor */
char *name;
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