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contributing: commit rights

This has been copied from
and slightly edited to better with Wayland and Weston.

The intention is to make it easier to give out commit access to new
people, let them know what is expected of them, and help the community
to grow. Hopefully this will in time improve the patch review throughput
and timeliness.

The original text was introduced in

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- The code adheres to the style guidelines.
Commit rights
Commit rights will be granted to anyone who requests them and fulfills the
below criteria:
- Submitted some (10 as a rule of thumb) non-trivial (not just simple
spelling fixes and whitespace adjustment) patches that have been merged
- Are actively participating in public discussions about their work (on the
mailing list or IRC). This should not be interpreted as a requirement to
review other peoples patches but just make sure that patch submission isn't
one-way communication. Cross-review is still highly encouraged.
- Will be regularly contributing further patches. This includes regular
contributors to other parts of the open source graphics stack who only
do the occasional development in this project.
- Agrees to use their commit rights in accordance with the documented merge
criteria, tools, and processes.
To apply for commit rights, create a new issue in gitlab for the respective
project and give it the "accounts" label.
Committers are encouraged to request their commit rights get removed when they
no longer contribute to the project. Commit rights will be reinstated when they
come back to the project.
Maintainers and committers should encourage contributors to request commit
rights, especially junior contributors tend to underestimate their skills.
[git documentation]:
[notes on commit messages]:
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