Commit 9272fb8f authored by Kristian Høgsberg's avatar Kristian Høgsberg
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connection: Print object id for new-id arguments in deubug output

We can't use the same behaviour in both the client and the server.  In the
client this is a wl_proxy pointer in the server it's a pointer to the
uint32_t object id.  This doesn't fix the problem, but it's a slightly
more useful default, since we typically use WAYLAND_DEBUG on the client.
parent ff4afd6c
......@@ -989,8 +989,7 @@ wl_closure_print(struct wl_closure *closure, struct wl_object *target, int send)
if (send && value->new_id != 0)
fprintf(stderr, "%u", value->new_id);
else if (!send && value->object != NULL)
fprintf(stderr, "%u",
*((uint32_t *)value->object));
fprintf(stderr, "%u", value->object->id);
fprintf(stderr, "nil");
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