Commit 8d5fadad authored by Simon Ser's avatar Simon Ser Committed by Pekka Paalanen

protocol: add invalid_size error to wl_surface

This allows the compositor to send an error when the client submits a buffer
whose size is not divisible by the buffer scale. Previously, the protocol said
it was a client error but didn't specify any error code.
Signed-off-by: Simon Ser's avatarSimon Ser <>
Closes: #145
parent ef40f82a
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......@@ -1378,6 +1378,7 @@
<entry name="invalid_scale" value="0" summary="buffer scale value is invalid"/>
<entry name="invalid_transform" value="1" summary="buffer transform value is invalid"/>
<entry name="invalid_size" value="2" summary="buffer size is invalid"/>
<request name="destroy" type="destructor">
......@@ -1392,8 +1393,9 @@
The new size of the surface is calculated based on the buffer
size transformed by the inverse buffer_transform and the
inverse buffer_scale. This means that the supplied buffer
must be an integer multiple of the buffer_scale.
inverse buffer_scale. This means that at commit time the supplied
buffer size must be an integer multiple of the buffer_scale. If
that's not the case, an invalid_size error is sent.
The x and y arguments specify the location of the new pending
buffer's upper left corner, relative to the current buffer's upper
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