Commit 8511544e authored by Kristian Høgsberg's avatar Kristian Høgsberg
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scanner: Downgrade non-increasing version error to warning

Commit 99a72777 introduced a new error
for when the 'since' version decreases.  It also reset the version for
messages without a version to 1.  Versioning semantics in the spec files
was a little under-specified and we don't want to break projects caught in
this grey zone.

This commits replaces previous as the 1.4.93 tag and the
final 1.5 RC.
parent bad88517
......@@ -409,7 +409,7 @@ start_element(void *data, const char *element_name, const char **atts)
if (version < ctx->interface->since)
fail(&ctx->loc, "since version not increasing\n");
warn(&ctx->loc, "since version not increasing\n");
ctx->interface->since = version;
message->since = version;
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