Commit 6e94028c authored by Kristian Høgsberg's avatar Kristian Høgsberg
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TODO: Update to account for changes from Daniel

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......@@ -27,20 +27,6 @@ Core wayland protocol
is something in the protocol/architecute that makes it harder than
it should be.
- Key events need a bit more work/thinking/redesign. As it is we need
a mechanism to change and synchronize keymaps, repeat rates. But
as we started talking, we decided that we needed to go back and
research what other systems do instead of just essentially copying
the X model. Sending out unicode events in addition to keycode
events has a lot of benefits (OSK can send out unicode events
instead of fake keycode events, apps become much simpler...) Move
keymap handling and repeat to the server? Needs more research.
- Pointer axis events need modifiers (ctrl-scroll eg), but we either
need to send the modifier state with each axis/scroll event or send
keys down on pointer_focus and subsequent key events... or just key
events for modifier keys... or for the non-repeating subset?
- Add timestamp to touch_cancel, add touch id to touch_cancel (?)
- The output protocol needs to send all the ugly timing details for the modes.
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