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protocol: deprecate non-current wl_output.mode

The current wl_output.mode event has several issues when used to advertise
modes that aren't current:

- It's not possible to remove some modes. This is an issue for virtual
  outputs and when the kernel prunes some modes because of link limitations.
- wl_output.mode fails to carry metadata such as aspect ratio, which results
  in duplicated or missing modes.
- It's not clear, given the current set of protocols, how non-current modes
  are useful to clients. Xwayland ignores non-current modes.

GNOME and wlroots already only advertise the current mode because of these

If a protocol needs the clients to know about all available modes, it should
advertise these modes itself instead of relying on wl_output.mode.
Signed-off-by: Simon Ser's avatarSimon Ser <>
Closes: #92
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......@@ -2547,6 +2547,10 @@
current. In other words, the current mode is always the last
mode that was received with the current flag set.
Non-current modes are deprecated. A compositor can decide to only
advertise the current mode and never send other modes. Clients
should not rely on non-current modes.
The size of a mode is given in physical hardware units of
the output device. This is not necessarily the same as
the output size in the global compositor space. For instance,
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