Commit 53dd9979 authored by Nick Yamane's avatar Nick Yamane Committed by Simon Ser
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protocol: Clarify how clients can cancel a drag operation

Explicitly say that destroying a wl_data_source previously used in a
wl_data_device::start_drag request will cancel the DND session. This
is currently the only way to do it from client side (besides those
"indirect" ones already documented) and all compositors work like that
but it is not clear spec-wise it is the expected behaviour.
Signed-off-by: Nick Yamane's avatarNick Diego Yamane <>
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......@@ -829,7 +829,8 @@
for the eventual data transfer. If source is NULL, enter, leave
and motion events are sent only to the client that initiated the
drag and the client is expected to handle the data passing
internally. If source is destroyed, the drag-and-drop session will be
The origin surface is the surface where the drag originates and
the client must have an active implicit grab that matches the
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