Commit 51f50b8c authored by Kristian Høgsberg's avatar Kristian Høgsberg
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util: Add wl_list_insert_list()

parent 3175e91e
......@@ -70,6 +70,15 @@ wl_list_empty(struct wl_list *list)
return list->next == list;
wl_list_insert_list(struct wl_list *list, struct wl_list *other)
other->next->prev = list;
other->prev->next = list->next;
list->next->prev = other->prev;
list->next = other->next;
wl_array_init(struct wl_array *array)
......@@ -115,6 +115,7 @@ void wl_list_insert(struct wl_list *list, struct wl_list *elm);
void wl_list_remove(struct wl_list *elm);
int wl_list_length(struct wl_list *list);
int wl_list_empty(struct wl_list *list);
void wl_list_insert_list(struct wl_list *list, struct wl_list *other);
#define __container_of(ptr, sample, member) \
(void *)((char *)(ptr) - \
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