Commit 4ad58fbb authored by Rob Bradford's avatar Rob Bradford Committed by Kristian Høgsberg

wayland-client: Add wl_proxy_get_listener

This is the mirror function to wl_proxy_add_listener and is useful
inside client libraries to differentiate events on listeners for which
multiple proxies have been created.
parent 748c20c4
......@@ -325,6 +325,25 @@ wl_proxy_add_listener(struct wl_proxy *proxy,
return 0;
/** Get a proxy's listener
* \param proxy The proxy object
* \return The address of the proxy's listener or NULL if no listener is set
* Gets the address to the proxy's listener; which is the listener set with
* \ref wl_proxy_add_listener.
* This function is useful in client with multiple listeners on the same
* interface to allow the identification of which code to eexecute.
* \memberof wl_proxy
WL_EXPORT const void *
wl_proxy_get_listener(struct wl_proxy *proxy)
return proxy->object.implementation;
/** Prepare a request to be sent to the compositor
* \param proxy The proxy object
......@@ -128,6 +128,7 @@ struct wl_proxy *wl_proxy_create(struct wl_proxy *factory,
void wl_proxy_destroy(struct wl_proxy *proxy);
int wl_proxy_add_listener(struct wl_proxy *proxy,
void (**implementation)(void), void *data);
const void *wl_proxy_get_listener(struct wl_proxy *proxy);
void wl_proxy_set_user_data(struct wl_proxy *proxy, void *user_data);
void *wl_proxy_get_user_data(struct wl_proxy *proxy);
uint32_t wl_proxy_get_id(struct wl_proxy *proxy);
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