Commit 1bf13ae9 authored by Jasper St. Pierre's avatar Jasper St. Pierre Committed by Kristian Høgsberg
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server: Kill some unnecessary logs

In order to set a logging function all the time, the output we get
needs to be useful. Logging about trivial things like the socket
we're using and when clients disconnect doesn't realy help anyone.
parent 3adcf6f1
......@@ -664,8 +664,6 @@ WL_EXPORT void
wl_client_destroy(struct wl_client *client)
uint32_t serial = 0;
wl_log("disconnect from client %p\n", client);
wl_signal_emit(&client->destroy_signal, client);
......@@ -1090,8 +1088,6 @@ wl_display_add_socket(struct wl_display *display, const char *name)
return -1;
wl_log("using socket %s\n", s->addr.sun_path);
s->fd_lock = get_socket_lock(s);
if (s->fd_lock < 0) {
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