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protocol: Add documentation for wl_output

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......@@ -882,26 +882,44 @@
<event name="geometry">
<arg name="x" type="int"/>
<arg name="y" type="int"/>
<arg name="physical_width" type="int"/>
<arg name="physical_height" type="int"/>
<arg name="subpixel" type="int"/>
<arg name="make" type="string"/>
<arg name="model" type="string"/>
<description summary="properties of the output"/>
<arg name="x" type="int"
summary="x position within the global compositor space"/>
<arg name="y" type="int"
summary="y position within the global compositor space"/>
<arg name="physical_width" type="int"
summary="width in milimeters of the output"/>
<arg name="physical_height" type="int"
summary="height in milimeters of the output"/>
<arg name="subpixel" type="int"
summary="subpixel orientation of the output"/>
<arg name="make" type="string"
summary="textual description of the manufacturer"/>
<arg name="model" type="string"
summary="textual description of the model"/>
<enum name="mode">
<description summary="values for the flags bitfield in the mode event"/>
<entry name="current" value="0x1"/>
<entry name="preferred" value="0x2"/>
<entry name="current" value="0x1"
summary="indicates this is the current mode"/>
<entry name="preferred" value="0x2"
summary="indicates this is the preferred mode"/>
<event name="mode">
<arg name="flags" type="uint"/>
<arg name="width" type="int"/>
<arg name="height" type="int"/>
<arg name="refresh" type="int"/>
<description summary="advertise available modes for the output">
The mode event describes an available mode for the output.
The event is sent when binding to the output object and there
will always be one mode, the current mode. The event is sent
again if an output changes mode, for the mode that is now
current. In other words, the current mode is always the last
mode that was received with the current flag set.
<arg name="flags" type="uint" summary="mask of wl_output_mode flags"/>
<arg name="width" type="int" summary="width of the mode in pixels"/>
<arg name="height" type="int" summary="height of the mode in pixels"/>
<arg name="refresh" type="int" summary="vertical refresh rate in mHz"/>
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