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Browse files Add some merge request triaging conventions

Add documented Gitlab procedures to help protocol reviewers and
maintainers to get a better picture of the state of merge requests. To
make this more reliable, document procedures how to triage and manage
merge requests using labels.
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......@@ -148,3 +148,40 @@ There are other requirements for declaring a protocol stable, see
Each release of wayland-protocols finalizes the version of the protocols
to their state they had at that time.
## Gitlab conventions
### Triaging merge requests
New merge requests should be triaged. Doing so requires the one doing the
triage to add a set of initial labels:
~"New Protocol" - For a new protocol being added. If it's an amendment to
an existing protocol, apply the label of the corresponding protocol
instead. If none exist, create it.
~"Needs acks" - If the protocol needs one or more acknowledgements.
~"Needs implementations" - If there are not enough implementations of the
~"Needs review" - If the protocol is in need of review.
~"In 30 day discussion period" - If the protocol needs a 30 day discussion
For the meaning and requirement of acknowledgments and available
implementations, see the document.
### Managing merge requests
When merge requests get their needed feedback and items, remove the
corresponding label that marks it as needing something. For example, if a
merge request receives all the required acknowledgments, remove the ~"Needs
acks" label, or if 30 days passed since opening, remove any ~"In 30 days
discussion period" label.
### Nacking a merge request
If the inclusion of a merge request is denied due to one or more Nacks, add
the ~Nacked label.
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