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text-input: document behavior regarding multiple text-inputs

Currently protocol does not specify what should happen if multiple
text-inputs are created by same client, which is why this is more or
less undefined behavior currently in compositor implementations.

If client has created more than one text-input objects and surface owned
by the client is focused, then compositor must send enter event to all
text-input objects, in case of enable request however only one
text-input must be enabled per client per seat.

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......@@ -94,6 +94,12 @@
zwp_text_input_v3.disable when there is no longer any input focus on
the current surface.
Clients must not enable more than one text input on the single seat
and should disable the current text input before enabling the new one.
At most one instance of text input may be in enabled state per instance,
Requests to enable the another text input when some text input is active
must be ignored by compositor.
This request resets all state associated with previous enable, disable,
set_surrounding_text, set_text_change_cause, set_content_type, and
set_cursor_rectangle requests, as well as the state associated with
......@@ -307,6 +313,9 @@
<description summary="enter event">
Notification that this seat's text-input focus is on a certain surface.
If client has created multiple text input objects, compositor must send
this event to all of them.
When the seat has the keyboard capability the text-input focus follows
the keyboard focus. This event sets the current surface for the
text-input object.
......@@ -321,7 +330,9 @@
The leave notification clears the current surface. It is sent before
the enter notification for the new focus.
the enter notification for the new focus. After leave event, compositor
must ignore requests from any text input instances until next enter
When the seat has the keyboard capability the text-input focus follows
the keyboard focus.
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