Commit b9a6dcd7 authored by wangfei's avatar wangfei
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libs: h265dec: remove limitation of get iq matrix

According hevc spec, scaling_list_data is not related
to chroma_format_idc.
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......@@ -1296,10 +1296,6 @@ ensure_quant_matrix (GstVaapiDecoderH265 * decoder,
iq_matrix = base_picture->iq_matrix->param;
/* Only supporting 4:2:0 */
if (sps->chroma_format_idc != 1)
fill_iq_matrix_4x4 (iq_matrix, scaling_list);
fill_iq_matrix_8x8 (iq_matrix, scaling_list);
fill_iq_matrix_16x16 (iq_matrix, scaling_list);
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