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wlroots 0.7.0

wlroots 0.7.0 includes the following breaking changes:

	wlr_output_mode: drop wlr_outupt_mode.flags

This field was never used and has now been removed.

	wlr_output: drop wlr_output.transform

This field was not meaningful.

	Orbital screenshooter and gamma-control have been removed

These protocols are obsolete and have been replaced with more mature wlr

Andri Yngvason (2):
      backend: touch: Assign good ids to single touch devices
      backend: touch: Fixup incomplete patch for single touch devices.

Antonin Décimo (12):
      render/drm: keep old drm_format if realloc fails
      xcursor: avoid leak and loss of all cursors if cursors realloc fails
      Fix memory leak
      Simplify check
      wlr_surface: condition is always false
      xdg_shell: remove variable self-assignment
      backend/session: non-void function should return a value
      backend/drm: use UINT64_C for uint64_t literals
      Avoid loss of a fractional part
      backend/wayland: check if zxdg_toplevel_decoration_v1 is not NULL
      xwayland: prevent possible array overrun
      examples: remove duplicated condition

Ashkan Kiani (1):
      Use a set to track pointer button state.

Brian Ashworth (4):
      session/logind: keep active for pause_device gone
      zwp_virtual-keyboard: fix mmap error handling
      wlr_xdg_toplevel: reparent on parent unmap
      wlr-layer-shell-v1: destroy xdg popups on unmap

Dorota Czaplejewicz (2):
      x11: Send a frame event on the pointer after button events
      virtual_keyboard: Require keymap before accepting keycodes

Drew DeVault (4):
      Remove rootston
      Add libinput-1.14 support
      Revert "render/drm: keep old drm_format if realloc fails"
      Add _incr_version to contrib/

Greg V (1):
      Support pointer-gestures on Wayland backend

Guido Günther (4):
      wlr_seat_touch: Don't destroy touch point with surface
      layer-shell: Remove unused event source
      layer-shell: Reject requests on gone surfaces
      text_input: Don't forget to send enter events

Ilia Bozhinov (2):
      output: clear output->damage on successful commit
      output-damage: set needs swap only when we have new damage

Jan Beich (1):
      Test RDP backend on FreeBSD as well

Jan Chren (2):
      session/logind: specify seat exactly
      session/logind: check for XDG_SESSION_ID first

Jason Francis (3):
      screencopy: fix segfault on disabled output
      screencopy: send failed after output disconnect
      export-dmabuf-v1: fix segfault on output disable

Manuel Stoeckl (6):
      Implement serial validation for selection requests
      wlr_seat: Fix edge cases with serial validation
      wlr_pointer_gestures: Register event serials
      wlr_tablet_v2: Register event serials
      wlr_seat: special-case first serial set use
      Use -fmacro-prefix-map to strip build path

Michiel (1):
      Fixes #1689 RDP RemoteFX crash

Rouven Czerwinski (5):
      wlr_output: remove idle_done on output destroy
      drm: legacy: issue a NULL modeset on disable
      backend: drm: switch to pageflip_handler_2
      backend/drm: destroy output immediately
      Revert "output: atomic mode"

Scott Anderson (3):
      Remove WLR_DRM_NO_ATOMIC_GAMMA workaround
      backend/drm: Simplify object matching code
      backend/drm: Exit-early if 0 crtcs

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak (9):
      seat: Move focus back to first shell surface when unfocusing layer surface
      xdg_shell(_v6): Take maximize/fullscreen state into account on view init
      wlr_touch: Declare wlr_touch_impl usage as const
      backends/x11: Touch support
      wlr_input_method_v2: Remove input method's resource from the list on destroy
      wlr_seat_touch: add a way for a grab to ignore a touch point
      wlr_xdg_popup: grab touch events alongside pointer and keyboard
      wlr_xdg_popup: don't treat all surfaces of grabbing client as grabbing surfaces
      Revert "wlr_xdg_popup: don't treat all surfaces of grabbing client as grabbing surfaces"

Silvan Jegen (1):
      rootston: remove duplicated include

Simon Ser (26):
      backend/wayland: use xdg-decoration-unstable-v1
      backend/wayland: remove wl_shm
      render/gles2: print GL_RENDERER
      Remove orbital screenshooter and gamma-control
      backend/drm: check format when scanning out DMA-BUF
      backend/drm: strip alpha channel on scan-out
      render/dmabuf: add wlr_dmabuf_attributes_copy
      buffer: add wlr_buffer_get_dmabuf
      output: change set_dmabuf to attach_buffer
      output: fix attach_buffer semantics
      output: save buffer in pending state
      backend/drm: hold buffers while scanning out
      backend/drm: reject DMA-BUFs with flags
      rootston: add support for direct scan-out
      output: refuse to scan-out if software cursors are used
      output: introduce wlr_output_lock_attach_render
      output-damage: support direct scan-out
      backend/drm: fallback to drmModeAddFB2
      backend/drm: add support for multiplanar BOs
      output: reset the pending state on failed commit
      output: remove wlr_output_impl.transform
      output: drop wlr_output_mode.flags
      Remove all wayland-server.h includes
      output: atomic mode, enabled, scale and transform
      xdg-output: add support for xdg-output-unstable-v1 version 3
      backend/drm: fix missing plane formats

emersion (1):
      backend/drm: add basic support for direct scan-out