Commit 6148d1be authored by Alyssa Rosenzweig's avatar Alyssa Rosenzweig Committed by Marge Bot
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panfrost: Fix size of bifrost sampler descriptor

Should be 32-bytes, it looks like.
Signed-off-by: Alyssa Rosenzweig's avatarAlyssa Rosenzweig <>
Part-of: <mesa/mesa!4844>
parent 884f8699
......@@ -1361,11 +1361,10 @@ struct bifrost_sampler_descriptor {
int16_t min_lod;
int16_t max_lod;
int8_t zero2;
int8_t zero3;
uint32_t zero4;
uint32_t zero5;
uint64_t zero2;
uint64_t zero3;
uint64_t zero4;
} __attribute__((packed));
/* viewport0/viewport1 form the arguments to glViewport. viewport1 is
......@@ -2441,9 +2441,9 @@ pandecode_samplers(mali_ptr samplers, unsigned sampler_count, int job_no, bool i
pandecode_prop("min_lod = FIXED_16(%f)", DECODE_FIXED_16(s->min_lod));
pandecode_prop("max_lod = FIXED_16(%f)", DECODE_FIXED_16(s->max_lod));
if (s->zero1 || s->zero2 || s->zero3 || s->zero4 || s->zero5) {
if (s->zero1 || s->zero2 || s->zero3 || s->zero4) {
pandecode_msg("XXX: sampler zero tripped\n");
pandecode_prop("zero = 0x%X, 0x%X, 0x%X, 0x%X, 0x%X\n", s->zero1, s->zero2, s->zero3, s->zero4, s->zero5);
pandecode_prop("zero = 0x" PRIx64 ", 0x" PRIx64 ", 0x" PRIx64 ", 0x" PRIx64 "\n", s->zero1, s->zero2, s->zero3, s->zero4);
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