Commit 4913215d authored by Jonathan Gray's avatar Jonathan Gray Committed by Marek Olšák
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util/u_thread: don't restrict u_thread_get_time_nano() to __linux__

pthread_getcpuclockid() and clock_gettime() are also available on at least
OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, DragonFly, Cygwin.
Signed-off-by: Jonathan Gray's avatarJonathan Gray <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarMarek Olšák <>
parent c91997b6
......@@ -149,7 +149,7 @@ util_get_L3_for_pinned_thread(thrd_t thread, unsigned cores_per_L3)
static inline int64_t
u_thread_get_time_nano(thrd_t thread)
#if defined(__linux__) && defined(HAVE_PTHREAD)
#if defined(HAVE_PTHREAD)
struct timespec ts;
clockid_t cid;
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