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    libs: display,window: wayland: foreign wl_display/wl_surface support · 990a5ded
    Hyunjun Ko authored
    wl_display can be set from application.
    It is not fatal when wl_display doesn't support shell/output interface,
    since shell_surface and opaque_region are not necessary for external
    wayland surfaces.
    Also, use wl_subcompositor and wl_subsurface.
    See Appendix A. Wayland Protocol Specification as the following.
    The aim of sub-surfaces is to offload some of the compositing work
    within a window from clients to the compositor. A prime example is
    a video player with decorations and video in separate wl_surface
    This should allow the compositor to pass YUV video buffer processing to
    dedicated overlay hardware when possible.
    Added new method gst_vaapi_window_wayland_new_with_surface()
    Original-Patch-By: Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal's avatarVíctor Manuel Jáquez Leal <vjaquez@igalia.com>
                       Zhao Halley <halley.zhao@intel.com>
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