Commit d80630f0 authored by Wim Taymans's avatar Wim Taymans

bayer: fix unused variable

parent 9c1e6630
......@@ -24,18 +24,16 @@ mergebw d1, b, d
.dest 2 d1 guint8
.source 2 s guint8
.temp 2 t
.temp 1 a
.temp 1 b
.temp 1 c
.temp 1 d
.temp 1 e
.temp 1 f
loadoffw t, s, -1
splitwb b, a, t
select1wb b, t
splitwb d, c, s
loadoffw t, s, 1
splitwb f, e, t
select0wb e, t
avgub e, c, e
mergebw d0, c, e
avgub b, b, d
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