Commit 2988a4cc authored by Edward Hervey's avatar Edward Hervey Define list of non-ported plugins

parent 01327c84
......@@ -291,6 +291,24 @@ dnl used in examples
dnl *** plug-ins to include ***
dnl Non ported plugins (non-dependant, then dependant)
dnl Make sure you have a space before and after all plugins
GST_PLUGINS_NONPORTED=" adpcmdec adpcmenc aiff asfmux \
audiovisualizers autoconvert bayer camerabin cdxaparse coloreffects \
dataurisrc dccp debugutils dtmf dvbsuboverlay dvdspu faceoverlay festival \
fieldanalysis freeze frei0r gaudieffects geometrictransform h264parse \
hdvparse hls id3tag interlace ivfparse jpegformat jp2kdecimator \
liveadder legacyresample librfb mpegdemux mpegtsdemux mpegtsmux \
mpegpsmux mpeg4videoparse mpegvideoparse mve mxf nsf nuvdemux \
patchdetect pcapparse pnm rawparse real rtpmux rtpvp8 scaletempo \
sdi sdp segmentclip siren speed subenc stereo tta videofilters \
videomaxrate videomeasure videoparsers videosignal vmnc y4m \
decklink dvb fbdev linsys shm vcd \
voaacenc assrender apexsink bz2 cog curl dc1394 dirac dts resindvd \
faac faad gsettings jp2k ladspa libmms modplug mpeg2enc mimic \
musepack musicbrainz neon rsvg schro sdl sndfile soundtouch \
vp8 xvid "
dnl these are all the gst plug-ins, compilable without additional libs
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