Commit cfcd78d3 authored by Andy Wingo Wingo's avatar Andy Wingo Wingo
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Updates for two-arg init from GST_BOILERPLATE_FULL.

Original commit message from CVS:
2005-08-28  Andy Wingo  <>

* Updates for two-arg init from GST_BOILERPLATE_FULL.
parent fb39749b
......@@ -80,9 +80,6 @@ GST_STATIC_CAPS ( \
static void gst_audioresample_base_init (gpointer g_class);
static void gst_audioresample_class_init (GstAudioresampleClass * klass);
static void gst_audioresample_init (GstAudioresample * audioresample);
static void gst_audioresample_dispose (GObject * object);
static void gst_audioresample_set_property (GObject * object,
......@@ -150,7 +147,8 @@ static void gst_audioresample_class_init (GstAudioresampleClass * klass)
GST_DEBUG_FUNCPTR (audioresample_transform);
static void gst_audioresample_init (GstAudioresample * audioresample)
static void gst_audioresample_init (GstAudioresample * audioresample,
GstAudioresampleClass * klass)
ResampleState *r;
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