Commit 70ce70b2 authored by Alessandro Decina's avatar Alessandro Decina

ext/apexsink/ Move -lgcrypto from _LDFLAGS to _LIBADD.

Original commit message from CVS:
* ext/apexsink/
Move -lgcrypto from _LDFLAGS to _LIBADD.
parent 833807a6
2009-01-02 Alessandro Decina <>
* ext/apexsink/
Move -lgcrypto from _LDFLAGS to _LIBADD.
2009-01-02 Alessandro Decina <>
* ext/apexsink/
......@@ -2,8 +2,8 @@ plugin_LTLIBRARIES =
libgstapexsink_la_SOURCES = gstapexplugin.c gstapexraop.c gstapexsink.c
libgstapexsink_la_LIBADD = $(APEXSINK_LIBS) $(GST_PLUGINS_BASE_LIBS) $(GST_LIBS) -lgstaudio-$(GST_MAJORMINOR) -lgstinterfaces-$(GST_MAJORMINOR)
libgstapexsink_la_LDFLAGS = $(GST_PLUGIN_LDFLAGS) -lcrypto
libgstapexsink_la_LIBADD = $(APEXSINK_LIBS) $(GST_PLUGINS_BASE_LIBS) $(GST_LIBS) -lgstaudio-$(GST_MAJORMINOR) -lgstinterfaces-$(GST_MAJORMINOR) -lcrypto
libgstapexsink_la_LDFLAGS = $(GST_PLUGIN_LDFLAGS)
libgstapexsink_la_LIBTOOLFLAGS = --tag=disable-static
noinst_HEADERS = gstapexraop.h gstapexsink.h
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