Commit 547487d9 authored by Andy Wingo Wingo's avatar Andy Wingo Wingo
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Original commit message from CVS:
parent 4905f286
2005-06-29 Andy Wingo <>
* ext/mad/gstid3tag.c (gst_id3_tag_get_event_masks): Reschmoove.
* ext/mad/gstmad.c (gst_mad_get_event_masks): Remove.
(gst_mad_chain): Appease GCC.
* ext/libcaca/gstcacasink.c (gst_cacasink_setcaps): Signedness.
* ext/aalib/gstaasink.c (gst_aasink_fixate): Unref caps, not free.
(gst_aasink_scale): Signedness.
* gst/udp/gstudpsink.c (gst_udpsink_get_type): Actually add the
URI handler.
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