Commit 42f48695 authored by Matthew Waters's avatar Matthew Waters 🐨

gl/filter: fixup passthrough bufferpool

In a pipeline like so:
  videotestsrc ! gleffects ! videoconvert ! sink
gleffects was simply passing the videoconvert bufferpool to videotestsrc
and not creating a glbufferpool. videobufferpool would then fail
to allocate from the glallocator.
parent bf32850f
......@@ -840,7 +840,8 @@ gst_gl_filter_propose_allocation (GstBaseTransform * trans,
gst_query_parse_allocation (decide_query, &decide_caps, NULL);
decide_pool = gst_base_transform_get_buffer_pool (trans);
if (gst_caps_is_equal_fixed (decide_caps, caps)) {
if (GST_IS_GL_BUFFER_POOL (decide_pool)
&& gst_caps_is_equal_fixed (decide_caps, caps)) {
pool = decide_pool;
} else {
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (filter, "create new pool");
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