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Commit 0361771a authored by David Schleef's avatar David Schleef

Complete rewrite. Not finished, nothing to see here.

Original commit message from CVS:
Complete rewrite.  Not finished, nothing to see here.
parent 57f9db51
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......@@ -40,121 +40,34 @@ extern "C" {
#define GST_IS_QTDEMUX_CLASS(obj) \
* smartass macross that turns guint32 into sequence of bytes separated with comma
* to be used in printf("%c%c%c%c",GST_FOURCC_TO_CHARSEQ(fourcc)) fashion
#define GST_FOURCC_TO_CHARSEQ(f) f&0xff, (f>>8)&0xff , (f>>16)&0xff, f>>24
typedef struct _GstQTDemux GstQTDemux;
typedef struct _GstQTDemuxClass GstQTDemuxClass;
typedef struct {
guint64 start;
guint64 size; /* if 0, lasts till the end of file */
guint32 type;
} GstQtpAtom;
typedef struct {
guint32 size;
guint32 type;
} GstQtpAtomMinHeader;
typedef void GstQtpAtomTypeHandler (GstQTDemux * qtdemux,GstQtpAtom * atom,gboolean enter);
typedef struct {
guint32 flags;
GstQtpAtomTypeHandler * handler;
} GstQtpAtomType;
typedef struct {
guint64 offset;
guint32 size;
guint32 timestamp;
struct _GstQtpTrack * track;
} GstQtpSample;
typedef struct _GstQtpTrack {
guint32 format;
guint32 width;
guint32 height;
guint32 time_scale; /* units per second */
guint32 sample_duration; /* units in sample */
/* temporary buffers with sample tables */
GstBuffer * stsd, * stts, * stsc, * stsz, * stco;
/* this track samples in array */
GstQtpSample * samples;
GstPad * pad;
} GstQtpTrack;
typedef struct {
guint32 size;
guint32 format;
char reserved[6];
guint16 dataref;
} __attribute__((packed)) /* FIXME may it wasn't necessary? */ GstQtpStsdRec;
typedef struct {
guint32 size;
guint32 format;
char reserved[6];
guint16 dataref;
guint16 version;
guint16 rev_level;
guint32 vendor;
guint32 temporal_quality;
guint32 spatial_quality;
guint16 width;
guint16 height;
guint32 hres;
guint32 vres;
guint32 data_size;
guint16 frame_count; /* frames per sample */
guint32 compressor_name;
guint16 depth;
guint16 color_table_id;
} __attribute__((packed)) /* FIXME may it wasn't necessary? */ GstQtpStsdVideRec;
typedef struct {
guint32 count;
guint32 duration;
} GstQtpSttsRec;
typedef struct {
guint32 first_chunk;
guint32 samples_per_chunk;
guint32 sample_desc;
} GstQtpStscRec;
typedef struct _QtDemuxStream QtDemuxStream;
struct _GstQTDemux {
GstElement element;
/* pads */
GstPad *sinkpad;
int num_video_pads;
QtDemuxStream *streams[GST_QTDEMUX_MAX_STREAMS];
int n_streams;
int n_video_streams;
int n_audio_streams;
GstByteStream *bs;
guint64 bs_pos; /* current position in bs (coz bs won't tell) */
* nesting stack: everytime parser reads a header
* of a container atom it is added to the stack until
* and removed whenever it's over (read completely)
GSList * nested;
int nested_cnt; /* just to make it simpler */
GList * tracks;
GTree * samples; /* samples of all the tracks ordered by the offset */
GNode *moov_node;
guint32 timescale;
guint32 duration;
int state;
/* track stuff */
struct _GstQTDemuxClass {
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