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    configure.ac: Added mpegaudioparse · ba5b1e6c
    Wim Taymans authored
    Original commit message from CVS:
    * configure.ac:
    Added mpegaudioparse
    * ext/lame/gstlame.c: (gst_lame_src_getcaps),
    (gst_lame_src_setcaps), (gst_lame_sink_setcaps),
    (gst_lame_sink_event), (gst_lame_chain):
    Some cleanups.
    Fix memleak.
    * gst/mpegaudioparse/gstmpegaudioparse.c:
    (gst_mp3parse_class_init), (gst_mp3parse_init),
    (gst_mp3parse_chain), (gst_mp3parse_change_state):
    * gst/mpegaudioparse/gstmpegaudioparse.h:
    Ported mpegaudioparse
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