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    ext/ladspa/gstladspa.*: Halfway-ported. Doesn't compile yet. · 0f4381d9
    Andy Wingo Wingo authored
    Original commit message from CVS:
    2005-08-25  Andy Wingo  <wingo@pobox.com>
    * ext/ladspa/gstladspa.h:
    * ext/ladspa/gstladspa.c: Halfway-ported. Doesn't compile yet.
    * ext/ladspa/gstsignalprocessor.h:
    * ext/ladspa/gstsignalprocessor.c: New files, the start of a base
    class for DSP elements.
    * configure.ac: Sort the external libs checks, add a ladspa check,
    output the ladspa makefile.
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