vrend: Check GL errors

There are many combinations of invalid arguments for OpenGL functions
and it is impractical to cover all of them.

Even if nothing is wrong with the user, GL_CONTEXT_LOST and
GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY can also occur in many GL functions due to hardware
problems. They can leave the context in an invalid state which can
result in a reliability or security issue.

Check GL errors after an operation completes and prevent from using the
GL context after a GL error occurred.

spec@!opengl 1.5@draw-vertices, spec@!opengl 1.5@draw-vertices-user,
and spec@!opengl 2.0@gl-2.0-vertexattribpointer are marked as crash in
.gitlab-ci/expectations/host/piglit-virgl-gles-fails.txt because they
require GL_DOUBLE specification for glVertexAttribPointer, which is
not supported by OpenGL ES. Avoiding the crashes requires capability
checks on the guest, which this change does not implement.

Signed-off-by: Akihiko Odaki <akihiko.odaki@gmail.com>
Part-of: <!715>
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