Commit c7527c54 authored by Ryan Neph's avatar Ryan Neph
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server: set custom execname for mesa dri-conf matching

Need this to get app-specific driver configurations with Venus.

Without process isolation, Mesa's dri-conf matching still won't be
correct, but there are other options that can be explored later when
multiple venus contexts share a process.

Signed-off-by: Ryan Neph's avatarRyan Neph <>
Part-of: <!835>
parent c1518906
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......@@ -182,8 +182,7 @@ render_context_dispatch_submit_fence(struct render_context *ctx,
const uint32_t seqno = req->submit_fence.seqno;
assert(ring_idx < (uint32_t)ctx->timeline_count);
int ret = virgl_renderer_context_create_fence(ctx->ctx_id, flags, ring_idx,
int ret = virgl_renderer_context_create_fence(ctx->ctx_id, flags, ring_idx, seqno);
return !ret;
......@@ -399,21 +398,34 @@ render_context_fini(struct render_context *ctx)
static void
render_context_set_thread_name(uint32_t ctx_id, const char *ctx_name)
char thread_name[16];
snprintf(thread_name, ARRAY_SIZE(thread_name), "virgl-%d-%s", ctx_id, ctx_name);
static bool
render_context_init_name(struct render_context *ctx,
uint32_t ctx_id,
const char *ctx_name)
const size_t name_size = strlen(ctx_name) + 16;
ctx->name = malloc(name_size);
ctx->name_len = strlen(ctx_name);
ctx->name = malloc(ctx->name_len + 1);
if (!ctx->name)
return false;
ctx->name_len = snprintf(ctx->name, name_size, "virgl-%d-%s", ctx_id, ctx_name);
if (ctx->name_len >= name_size)
ctx->name_len = name_size - 1;
strcpy(ctx->name, ctx_name);
render_context_set_thread_name(ctx_id, ctx_name);
#ifdef _GNU_SOURCE
/* Sets the guest app executable name used by mesa to load app-specific driver
* configuration. */
program_invocation_name = ctx->name;
program_invocation_short_name = ctx->name;
return true;
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