Commit 90503cd7 authored by Yiwei Zhang's avatar Yiwei Zhang Committed by Marge Bot
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vkr: respect client request for dma_buf export

If the client explicitly asks for dma_buf export, without the real
dma_buf export support, we must fallback to use gbm bo import path,
instead of using opaque fd export.

Signed-off-by: Yiwei Zhang's avatarYiwei Zhang <>
Reviewed-by: chadversary's avatarChad Versace <>
Part-of: <virgl/virglrenderer!825>
parent f92cbb79
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......@@ -136,6 +136,9 @@ vkr_dispatch_vkAllocateMemory(struct vn_dispatch_context *dispatch,
VkImportMemoryFdInfoKHR local_import_info = { .fd = -1 };
VkExportMemoryAllocateInfo *export_info = vkr_find_struct(
const bool no_dma_buf_export =
!export_info ||
struct vkr_device_memory *mem = NULL;
const uint32_t mem_type_index = args->pAllocateInfo->memoryTypeIndex;
const uint32_t property_flags =
......@@ -170,8 +173,13 @@ vkr_dispatch_vkAllocateMemory(struct vn_dispatch_context *dispatch,
VkExportMemoryAllocateInfo local_export_info;
if ((property_flags & VK_MEMORY_PROPERTY_HOST_VISIBLE_BIT) && !res_info) {
/* An implementation can support dma_buf import along with opaque fd export/import.
* If the client driver is using external memory and requesting dma_buf, without
* dma_buf fd export support, we must use gbm bo import path instead of forcing
* opaque fd export. e.g. the client driver uses external memory for wsi image.
if (dev->physical_device->is_dma_buf_fd_export_supported ||
dev->physical_device->is_opaque_fd_export_supported) {
(dev->physical_device->is_opaque_fd_export_supported && no_dma_buf_export)) {
VkExternalMemoryHandleTypeFlagBits handle_type =
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