Commit 03c5dec7 authored by Ryan Neph's avatar Ryan Neph Committed by Marge Bot
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vrend: relax fatal error for copy-blits from old guest drivers

Copy-blits between externally-allocated (GBM) surface resources that use
glCopyImageSubData trigger a fatal GL error since strict error checking
was enabled in commit 8d452da8

. The
issue has since been fixed in mesa 20.x, but a short-term relaxation is
needed to restore functionality to old guests until a guest driver uprev
can be carried out.

Signed-off-by: Ryan Neph's avatarRyan Neph <>
Part-of: <!808>
parent 6f77e2f3
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......@@ -9202,6 +9202,14 @@ vrend_copy_sub_image(struct vrend_resource* src_res, struct vrend_resource * dst
dst_res->id, dst_res->target, dst_level,
dstx, dsty, dstz,
src_box->width, src_box->height,src_box->depth);
// temporarily added to disable strict error checking and fix guests that are still using pre 20.x
// mesa/virgl drivers that generate an error here during window resizes:
// "ERROR: GL_INVALID_VALUE in glCopyImageSubData(srcX or srcWidth exceeds image bounds)"
if (has_bit(src_res->storage_bits, VREND_STORAGE_GBM_BUFFER) &&
glGetError() != GL_NO_ERROR) {
vrend_printf("glCopyImageSubData maybe fail\n");
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