Commit c199b610 authored by José Hiram Soltren's avatar José Hiram Soltren Committed by Aaron Plattner

Extend the VDPAU API to support H.265/HEVC Decoding

This patch adds an API for player applications to utilize VDPAU for
hardware-accelerated playback of H.265/HEVC streams.

The goals of this API are:
- enable hardware accelerated decoding of H.265/HEVC content under VDPAU;
- provide a reference implementation for H.265/HEVC hardware decoding that
  is vendor agnostic;
- provide enough data for H.265/HEVC hardware acceleration implementations
  from multiple vendors to be able to use the same API;

This patch is written against "version one" of the H.265/HEVC Specification,
Rec. ITU-T H.265 (04/2013), available at:

A future patch against this header may address bug fixes, and may support
the new features described in "version two" of the H.265/HEVC Specification,
Rec. ITU-T H.265 v2 (10/2014).

Note that the API does need to be self documenting with Doxygen markup,
which we (NVIDIA) will generate and post as an update to our public VDPAU

This is version 8 of the patch.

Version 1 was the original version.

Version 2 was a minor cleanup change.

Version 3 incorporated 10- and 12-bit formats.

Version 4 clarified some documentation related to H.265/HEVC support.

Version 5 clarified some documentation related to H.265/HEVC support
and correcting the Specification URI above.

Version 6 further corrected the Specification URI above, re-ordered the
fields in VdpPictureInfoHEVC to agree with the Specification, and added
additional documentation for some fields. It also corrected some cosmetic
indentation errors.

Version 7 removed the sps_sub_layer_ordering_info_present_flag, added a
note on implementing clauses 8.3 through 8.7, clarified the meaning of
sps_max_dec_pic_buffering_minus1, moved the scaling lists to follow
scaling_list_enabled_flag, clarified comments on pps_beta_offset_div2
and pps_tc_offset_div2, and added "Ignored otherwise." or "Invalid
values are ignored" comments to several fields.

Version 8 truncated a number of fields related to reference pictures to
8 bit types, e.g. uint8_t.
Signed-off-by: Aaron Plattner's avatarAaron Plattner <>
Reviewed-by: Aaron Plattner's avatarAaron Plattner <>
Acked-by: Christian König's avatarChristian König <>
parent 1836c6bc
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